Time & Attendance

Time theft, manual tracking, human calculation errors, a mobile or remote workforce and more can adversely contribute to high labor costs and lost productivity for small and large businesses alike. 

With one of Payroll Vaults many timekeeping solutions, your time tracking records will be accurate and allow you to set rules that ensure your workforce remains compliant with leave and paid time off, overtime, breaks, and other regulations set forth by individual states, local municipalities, and by Federal Law. When your timekeeping and attendance is in order, your payroll will follow.


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It's Time to Boost Productivity and Reduce Labor Costs.

  • planning

    Automated processes

  • clock-1-

    Multiple timeclock options

  • cloud

    Digital recordkeeping

  • salary

    Payroll integration

  • timekeeping-service-provider


    Choose from traditional PIN- or swipe-based, biometric, or punch time clocks.
  • web-portal-for-employees


    Employees can punch in and out via a web portal using any device.
  • high-end-system-for-field-based-employees


    A high-end system for field-based employees that allows them to punch in and out based on geographic location.
  • voice-punch


    Eliminates manual timecards and standard clocks and allows employees to call in and enter their user ID to punch in and out.

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