Background Checks

Fact Check. Did you know?

Tapping into information available about prospective employees before you hire will allow for better and more informed recruiting decisions. With our comprehensive line of professional background checks and drug testing & screening services, you can effectively manage your organization’s risks while protecting its good standing and reputation.

  • Reduce
  • Turnover
  • Risk of fraud
  • Criminal activity
  • Poor work ethic
  • Increase
  • Workplace safety
  • Job competence
  • Honesty and integrity


The process is easy, seamless and streamlined, and supports a thorough hiring process. With a speedy turnaround time on results, you won’t loose applicants due to a lengthy hiring process.



It’s Time to Hire the Right Employees and Keep Them Safe.

  • investigate

    National, state and county crime search

  • clipboard

    Employment credit & motor vehicle records

  • secure-shield

    Social Security verification

  • research

    Industry-specific screenings

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